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Products Name :EV W1516(16pcs 15W RGBWA-UV six in one LED)


Certification: CE,Rohs,EMC



EV W1516 with features of high-brightness, pure-color , elegant-sharp and light-weight is one of the best in the Wash light series. It is suit for showing place、 studio 、theater 、building laying light and  leasehold.

Human design is a highlight of the Wash light series of our factory. From the structure of handle design to the color temperature output, automatic programming function, all of which make user become more convenient and comfortable.
It prolongs the lamps life effectively because of the large area design for radiating purpose.

Excellent industry design  and superb craft, both of which make the projector still can be worked normally even in extremely harsh environments.


Input Voltage: AC100V~AC240V, 50/60HZ;
Power Consumption : 200W;
Lamp Specifications :16 pcs 15W six in one(RGBWA-UV) high-efficiency  LED, rated life 50000 hours;
Lens Angle:25°(optional 15°/ 30°/ 45°);

Color:RGBWA-UV linear color mixing;
Color Temperature : color cast calibration setting 、 color temperature output inside device;
Dimmer: 0-100% linearly dimming

5 dimmer modes:16-bits dimming, still keep smooth dimming when changing at the range of low DMX value ;
Refresh Frequency:1800Hz, no blink when camera shooting;
Shutter: independent electronic strobe ;

Control Mode:
Standard DMX512 ;
4 Channel modes: 6,7,9,12 CH;

Master/slave mode,no need to set up the master and slave manually, will receive the main engine data automatically ;

5 auto-running modes,rainbow channel and rainbow effect ;

Other Functions:
Self-programming function, 5 chases,each chase has 20 scenes,fade function;

Projector setting data、self-programming data can be downloaded each other ;

Temperature control protection:both of lamp holder and lamp body have temperature control protection ;

Waterproof Grade : high-intensity die-casting aluminum ,IP65

Work Environment Temperature : -20°C~40°C;
Net Weight:6.5 Kg;

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